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    Breakfast at Grand Ferdinand Vienna

    10. June 2016

    Hotel Grand Ferdinand Adress: Schubertring 10-12, 1010 Vienna Contact: 01 91880   Since I have never been to the beautiful Grand Ferdinand before, I was even more happy that I was invited by Nespresso to a wonderful breakfast at Grand Ferdinand Hotel alongside some other bloggers and Instagramers. The breakfast was all about connecting with each other and of course coffee: We even made a latte art workshop (though I still fail doing some proper latte art, so I always asked the pros to do…

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  • Lifestyle

    3 essential things to get perfect photos

    I often get questions about how I edit my pictures on Instagram and what equipment i use to take my photos, and in this blog post, I’m not just answering these questions, I will…

    19. May 2016
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    What to do on a sunny day in Vienna

        Vienna offers many options to spend your weekends as well as your free afternoons – especially when it’s warm outside. And since it’s getting warmer and warmer here in Vienna, I just…

    17. May 2016
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    The Light filled streets of Vienna

      The light filled streets of Vienna are especially beautiful these days and since the weather is absolutely gorgeous since yesterday, I try to catch as much sunshine as possible when I am out…

    30. April 2016
  • Allgemein

    Hermesvilla Vienna

      I am very happy to have finally seen the charming Hermesvilla in Vienna alongside Silia, who is also known as Theviennesegirl. Silia told me that she wanted to shoot at this beautiful place…

    11. April 2016
  • Lifestyle Travels

    La vie en Rose

        La vie en Rose – that’s what I associate the lifestyle at the french riviera with… As you have already seen in my previous blogpost, I’m currently exploring the beautiful Côte d’Azur in France, where…

    29. March 2016
  • Allgemein

    A bit of Paris in Vienna

        Today I want to show you guys a bit of Paris in Vienna as I ran across a lovely house whilst shooting in the city centre: It immediately caught my eye ’cause the architecture reminded…

    19. March 2016