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    My wonderful time in Reims with JW Marriott and Taittinger

    8. June 2017

    I always wanted to visit the beautiful Champagne region in France… Those charming cities, the food, the history, the sparkling wines and of course the beautiful architecture throughout this region. In celebration of the partnership between JW Marriott and Taittinger Champagne, I was invited to experience The JW Treatment in the historic city of Reims in France. Since JW Marriott has always been a family brand, created by a son to honor his father, it was quite clear that JW Marriott hotels would choose Taittinger…

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    A dream of a city called Rovinj

        ROVINJ, CROATIA Language(s): Croatian & Italian Currency: Kuna Population: 14.300 During my vacancies in Croatia, I had the opportunity to explore a dream of a city called Rovinj. The city of Rovinj…

    29. June 2016
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    3 essential things to get perfect photos

    I often get questions about how I edit my pictures on Instagram and what equipment i use to take my photos, and in this blog post, I’m not just answering these questions, I will…

    19. May 2016
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    Hermesvilla Vienna

      I am very happy to have finally seen the charming Hermesvilla in Vienna alongside Silia, who is also known as Theviennesegirl. Silia told me that she wanted to shoot at this beautiful place…

    11. April 2016
  • Allgemein

    A bit of Paris in Vienna

        Today I want to show you guys a bit of Paris in Vienna as I ran across a lovely house whilst shooting in the city centre: It immediately caught my eye ’cause the architecture reminded…

    19. March 2016
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    February on Instagram

                 Since I would like to connect my blog a little bit more with my Instagram handle, I thought about showing you guys my Instagram moments for each month: So let’s…

    29. February 2016
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    10 reasons why I love living in Vienna

    This week, Vienna got voted as the most livable city by the international consulting firm Mercer that carries out a study  in order to assess the quality of life in 230 cities around the world, every year:…

    28. February 2016