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Christmas Time in Vienna

22. December 2015

      Christmas  eve is coming closer and closer… In fact there are just 2 more days left and you can already tell as the big shopping streets around the first district are getting a bit calmer than in the recent weeks as the most people have already done their christmas shopping… In the last few days I have pretty much avoided going shooting in the city centre after 1o o’clock as the whole district just got terribly overcrowded…

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Ernst Fuchs Museum Vienna

24. November 2015

    I’m really happy that I finally had the chance to visit the home of Ernst Fuchs, one of Austria’s most famous painters and sculptors: The painter dedicated his own rooms in his wonderful Villa built by the famous Jugenstil architect Otto Wagner to be a private museum and let the people see how he lived, painted and got inspired. So it’s a museum where you can actually look at the painter’s art pieces while standing in the middle…

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November in Vienna

21. November 2015

    The days filled with sunshine and light are getting shorter and shorter and the trees are gradually loosing their last leaves…Vienna seems to get more and more calm the closer we come to December and with all the leaves on the ground and it’s empty streets, Vienna seemed really adorable in the last view weeks. I am honestly more a summer kind of person but I actually have to say that I just love the very special vibes…

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Nature Travels

Ambras Castle Innsbruck

5. November 2015

    Located in the hills above the city of Innsbruck, Ambras Caslte is one of Tyrol’s most beautiful and charming castles. It was built in the 16th century and the most beautiful part of the inside of Ambras Caslte is the Spanish Hall, which contains an intricate wood-inlay ceiling and walls adorned with 27 full-length portraits of the rulers of Tyrol.( the picture of the hall is featured below ) ;) Nowadays the whole castle is opened for visitors and…

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Autumn in the Carinthian Alps

2. November 2015

    This weekend, I visited my grandparents who are living in the mountains of Carinthia, a federal state in Austria close to Italy. I have already been up here in Summer (click here to see how this place looks like in summer ) but the alps look even more enchanted in autumn ! As soon as I arrived, I wandered through the woods around the cottage in order to get some shots of the trees that turned from green…

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Arriving in Innsbruck

28. October 2015

    This weekend, I finally got to visit the gorgeous city of Innsbruck which is the capital of the federal state of Tyrol located in western Austria. Innsbruck is surrounded by the tyrollean alps and if you are walking through the bautiful city center, you can always look up to the snowy mountains which makes this city even more beautiful in my opinion, as I love both: beautiful cities and the mountains ;) Innsbruck has been on my must-see…

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