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In the countryside

4. January 2016

In the countryside

In the countryside    In the countryside

First of all I’d like to wish you guys a happy new year as this is the first blogpost written in 2016 ! I am so happy about your support since I have published my blog  4 months ago and for that, I’d like to thank you (:

As some of you might have already seen in my previous blogpost, I am currently in the countryside of Austria, to be precise in  Caritnthia which is Austria’s southernmost state located close to the Italian border. As my grandparent’s house is not far away from Italy and Slovenia, we really enjoy to drive to the nearby towns in Italy and Slovenia as well as the beautiful mountains and lakes. One of my favorite lakes nearby is called Lago Del Predil, located in Tarvisio, Italy. So instead of just featuring Lago del Predil, I decided to put some pictures of the nature around our place in Carinthia in this blogpost as well.

In the countryside   In the countryside   In the countryside


In the countryside    Photo 01-01-16 19 00 43


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