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  • Lifestyle Vienna

    November in Vienna

        The days filled with sunshine and light are getting shorter and shorter and the trees are gradually loosing their last leaves…Vienna seems to get more and more calm the closer we come…

    21. November 2015
  • Vienna

    Palace of Justice Vienna

        After seeing so many impressions from this gorgeous place from Viennese Instagramers, I finally visited this place as well :) The Palace of Justice was built in 1881 and it is located…

    24. October 2015
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    Viennese Sunday

        My Saturdays and Sundays are usually fully dedicated to photgraphy… And even tough there are some exams coming up this week I decided not to change my routine as the weather this…

    18. October 2015
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    Vienna contemporary Art Fair

        Vienna’s most important art fair, which took place from 24th until 27th of september featured 99 galleries from 25 countries: European artists present and sale their art pieces and the visitors can…

    30. September 2015
  • Vienna

    On top of St. Stephens Cathedral

        Even tough we don’t have many skyscrapers in Austria, our skyline here in Vienna’s still pretty gorgeous: You can get one of the best views on top of St. Stephens Cathedral. I…

    25. September 2015
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    Palais Equitable Vienna

                  In this blogpost I want to show you guys one of my favorite buildings in Vienna. This place is called Palais Equitable and it is located in…

    24. September 2015
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    Belvedere Vienna

                  The Belvedere Palace in Vienna is definitely one of my favorite places in my city. I just love the combination of the gorgeous palace, the beautiful parks…

    21. September 2015
  • Vienna

    Friday afternoon in Vienna

                          It’s finally Friday and that means that there are two days of city-exploration ahead :) Right after school i headed to the city…

    11. September 2015
  • Vienna

    Walking around Vienna in September

                                Only 4 days ago, i walked through the city with shorts and my sunglasses on…Well that obviously quickly changed and…

    7. September 2015