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  • Allgemein Travels

    Arriving in Oxford

          The “historical heart” of England, Oxford is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the United Kingdom. It is known for all its Colleges and many parts of the…

    10. August 2015
  • Travels

    Facades of Verona

             Since the facades of Italy have their own charming character, I decided to dedicate a little series of shots to the “Facades of Verona” The beautiful thing about the facades…

    5. August 2015
  • Lifestyle Travels

    Strolling through Verona

                      When i arrived in Verona i was completely amazed ! I was amazed because i didn’t expect the city to be that beautiful… This place,…

    2. August 2015
  • Lifestyle Travels

    Basilica San Zeno – Verona

                    The Basilica San Zeno, located in Verona, Italy is regarded as one of the most beautiful Basilicas in Italy… The construction started in 1045 and the…

    1. August 2015
  • Nature Travels

    A trip to Slovenia

          I spontaneously made a trip to the beautiful Soca Valley and Triglav National Park in Slovenia in order to see the beautiful Soca river and the gorgeous mountains of this country.…

    29. July 2015
  • Lifestyle Travels

    Grandma’s garden

            My grandma’s garden kinda reminds me of a “secret garden” There are beautiful flowers literally everywhere and the best thing about it: There are deers running around my grandparents garden…

    25. July 2015
  • Lifestyle Travels

    Arriving in Hamburg

    I’ve already been in Hamburg one year ago but  the city still amazed me ! As soon as I arrived from Vienna, I did a 3-hours bike tour through the whole city, which was…

    24. July 2015