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    5 reasons why you should do an alpine holiday

    14. August 2016

      Many people associate holidays in the alps with winter and skiing. But the alps make a truly fantastic destination for your holiday in summer as well. So here are 5 reasons why you should consider to do an alpine holiday. You can relax – FINALLY: Let’s be honest, a holiday in the alps will be more relaxing than anything else. You’ll be far away from all the noise, rush and stress you might be already used to. After a…

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    Ski holidays in the Arlberg Area

        I am currently spending my ski holidays in the Arlberg Area: The magnificent Arlberg area is one of those selected few ski areas which fully justifies its ‘world-class’ reputation. My hotel is located…

    5. February 2016
  • Nature Travels

    A Bambi kind of day

          Yesterday, I arrived in Carinthia /Austria in order to visit my grandparents for a week… Since my grandfather is working as a wild conservationist, there are a few deer living around my grandparents house, so I decided to show…

    31. December 2015
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    Ambras Castle Innsbruck

        Located in the hills above the city of Innsbruck, Ambras Caslte is one of Tyrol’s most beautiful and charming castles. It was built in the 16th century and the most beautiful part…

    5. November 2015
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    Autumn in the Carinthian Alps

        This weekend, I visited my grandparents who are living in the mountains of Carinthia, a federal state in Austria close to Italy. I have already been up here in Summer (click here…

    2. November 2015
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    Pembrokeshire Coast Wales

              Oh Wales… I really missed the salty air, and those beautiful and calm beaches along the Pembrokeshire coast. Well this August, the weather here is unfortunately cold and rainy…

    21. August 2015
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    The other side of Oxford

                Port Meadow is an ancient area of grazing land and still used for horses and cattle. It is still in Oxford and also used as an recreation area…

    17. August 2015