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  • Lifestyle Vienna

    What to do on a sunny day in Vienna

        Vienna offers many options to spend your weekends as well as your free afternoons – especially when it’s warm outside. And since it’s getting warmer and warmer here in Vienna, I just…

    17. May 2016
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    The Light filled streets of Vienna

      The light filled streets of Vienna are especially beautiful these days and since the weather is absolutely gorgeous since yesterday, I try to catch as much sunshine as possible when I am out…

    30. April 2016
  • Lifestyle Travels

    La vie en Rose

        La vie en Rose – that’s what I associate the lifestyle at the french riviera with… As you have already seen in my previous blogpost, I’m currently exploring the beautiful Côte d’Azur in France, where…

    29. March 2016
  • Lifestyle

    February on Instagram

                 Since I would like to connect my blog a little bit more with my Instagram handle, I thought about showing you guys my Instagram moments for each month: So let’s…

    29. February 2016
  • Lifestyle

    10 reasons why I love living in Vienna

    This week, Vienna got voted as the most livable city by the international consulting firm Mercer that carries out a study  in order to assess the quality of life in 230 cities around the world, every year:…

    28. February 2016
  • Lifestyle Taste

    Israeli cooking with Neni

      I love the cuisine from the Middle East and especially Israeli food so I was more than happy when I got the opportunity to participate in the first cooking course I ever had…

    24. January 2016
  • Lifestyle Vienna

    Christmas Time in Vienna

          Christmas  eve is coming closer and closer… In fact there are just 2 more days left and you can already tell as the big shopping streets around the first district are…

    22. December 2015
  • Allgemein Lifestyle Vienna

    Ernst Fuchs Museum Vienna

        I’m really happy that I finally had the chance to visit the home of Ernst Fuchs, one of Austria’s most famous painters and sculptors: The painter dedicated his own rooms in his…

    24. November 2015