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    Hermesvilla Vienna

    11. April 2016

      I am very happy to have finally seen the charming Hermesvilla in Vienna alongside Silia, who is also known as Theviennesegirl. Silia told me that she wanted to shoot at this beautiful place and so we went there in order to get some nice pictures for the Trendsylvania magazine. I was indeed fascinated about this beautiful place situated in the former imperial hunting grounds where even the famous Empress Elisabeth or “Sissi” used to spend her weekends. Sissi always called…

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  • Allgemein

    A bit of Paris in Vienna

        Today I want to show you guys a bit of Paris in Vienna as I ran across a lovely house whilst shooting in the city centre: It immediately caught my eye ’cause the architecture reminded…

    19. March 2016
  • Allgemein Lifestyle Vienna

    Ernst Fuchs Museum Vienna

        I’m really happy that I finally had the chance to visit the home of Ernst Fuchs, one of Austria’s most famous painters and sculptors: The painter dedicated his own rooms in his…

    24. November 2015
  • Allgemein

    Vienna fair 2015

        About two weeks ago, I visited the Vienna Contemporary Art Fair which took place here in Vienna (I wrote a blogpost about it as well, if you have not seen it yet,…

    15. October 2015
  • Allgemein

    Exploring the MUMOK museum

                        Until 13th of September 2015, the Mumok (Museum of modern arts) Vienna is presenting the world’s most significant and famous Pop Art holdings on…

    9. September 2015
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    A day at Barafundle Bay

                      The Barafundle Bay, which is located at the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales is definitely my favorite beach in Wales. It is only 5 minutes away…

    22. August 2015
  • Allgemein

    Traditionally Oxford – Punting

            In Oxford, a nice summer day is usually enjoyed on a punt. But first of all: what is punting? A punt is a flat bottomed boat, which you propel by…

    11. August 2015
  • Allgemein Travels

    Arriving in Oxford

          The “historical heart” of England, Oxford is one of the oldest and most historical cities in the United Kingdom. It is known for all its Colleges and many parts of the…

    10. August 2015