3 essential things to get perfect photos

19. May 2016

3 essential things to get perfect photos3 essential things to get perfect photos

3 essential things to get perfect photos

I often get questions about how I edit my pictures on Instagram and what equipment i use to take my photos, and in this blog post, I’m not just answering these questions, I will also share a few tips with you in order to get the best out of your photos.

  • Equipment: For my photos, I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and a Canon 750D with a 55mm f/STM 1.8 lens especially for the blog. I always say that too many people overestimate the importance of expensive equipment: I mean you won’t become a pro just by using a 2000 $ camera, right ? So never think you can’t succeed just because of your equipment. For my instagram photos, I mainly use my mobile phone and I am actually very, very happy about the results – So whatever you are taking your photos with, try to get the best out of it and never stop improving! Those who can get the most beautiful shots by using their mobile phone are the real photography-heros – not those who walk around with their 15000 $ equipment. You see that equipment is not everything: I started to shoot with an iPhone 5, then got an iPhone 6 and then changed to Samsung as their camera was simply better than the Camera on the iPhones. The fact is that during your photography progress you will always get better and more expensive equipment but don’t just buy a fancy camera and think that your photos are going to look amazing – As everything in life,  it needs some time to find your personal style and to achieve your goals. 
  • Editing Apps: The following apps are not a secret and many people use them to edit their pictures, though it actually makes a difference if you use them and using them makes it very easy to get out the best of your photos. My first suggestion is VSCO: It is available in the App store and Android’s play store and offers many filters and presets that make your pictures look more stylish. Many filters are free and if you fancy getting some others, it will only cost you a few Dollars which is pretty great in fact. I personally use Vsco presets like S2 and A2 but everyone has his preferences and I’m sure you will find your favorite filter very quickly!  Another cool app (also available for both, Apple and Android phones) is Snapseed: You can easily optimize your photo with just a few clicks on your phone. Snapseed lets you change the most important things such as brightness, contrast, highlights and so forth… So think about getting this app as well – since it’s like VSCO free to download. A little tip: I always use the selective mode on certain objects to increase their contrast or saturation! You can also apply it on the sky of your photos in order to saturate the sun so the whole picture seems a bit more dramatic… Once you are done with that, you can do some last changes (E.g on Instagram) Before posting your photo, consider increasing the sharpness (5-15 ) and the brightness if needed. . I always increase the sharpness to 15, the brightness to 10, the structure to 2-4 and the contrast to about 10-15 when finishing my photos in the instagram editing section, just to give you an idea. 
  • Inspiration: I could never take good pictures without getting any inspiration from other photographers, Instagramers and bloggers: So I’m just gonna show you guys some of my favorite “everyday-online-inspiration-sources” from abroad  
  1. @Helloemilie: Emilie Ristevski is definitely one of my favorite travel photographers: Here photos are unbelievably magical and there is always that certain “wow-effect” when seeing new pictures from her. 
  2. @Traveljunkiediary: Michelle Karam is not just showing us our beautiful world in a magical way on her Instagram feed, she is also the founder and editor of the famous and successful (a platform for individuals to share their travel experiences) When I’m traveling to a new destination, I always end up reading about the new country on Michell’s blog as there is an article about it for sure ♥ Make sure to check it out 
  3. @Kessara: Kessara is a great example for minimalist and simple photos that still amaze people. I really love the contrast between dark and bright in her feed and the mixture of both: Architecture and her incomparable and minimalist still lives
  4. @Crissilveira: As I am totally in love with Paris, I am following a bunch of people from there but one of them is especially inspirational for me: Cris Silveira is a Brazilian living in Paris and she surprises me everyday with her beautiful shots that make me feel like i have to go to Paris right now as they are all amazing… And there are so many more to name, but I just wanted to give you an idea about my inspiration sources outside of Austria ;)


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