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A day trip to Lake Neusiedl, Austria

1. September 2015

A day trip to Lake Neusiedl, Austria   Lukas Elias Winker

Lukas Elias Winkler Vienna Blog   A day trip to Lake Neusiedl, Austria

Lukas Elias Winkler Vienna Blog


Yesterday, I spent the whole day at Lake Neusiedl, located in Burgenland about 45 minutes away from Vienna. The lake is well known for its strong wind and so it evolved to a paradise for sailors. The whole lake is no more than 1,8 meters deep which makes it of course an even better place for sailing. As you can probably notice, the water doesn’t look that clear and blue: That’s definitely not because the water is dirty or unclean but because of the muddy ground of Lake Neusiedl. There are loads of beautiful villages  and restaurants along the whole lake: So if you love sailing and dining with a view on the lake, this place definitely is a good choice :)

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