10 reasons why I love living in Vienna

28. February 2016


This week, Vienna got voted as the most livable city by the international consulting firm Mercer that carries out a study  in order to assess the quality of life in 230 cities around the world, every year: And when I first heard about it, I thought about telling you what makes Vienna so livable for me and why I love it so much…

So here are my 1o reasons.

  • Architecture: I just looooove Vienna’s architecture: Strolling through the city center feels like a time travel as all the old buildings are very well deserved. On the other side, Vienna is also a place for modern architecture that I shoot far too seldom to be honest (And I should really write a blog post of modern architecture in Vienna) Vienna is a city of contrasts and I love the way the architecture fluently changes from very old to very modern in the different districts.


  • Public transportation: One thing I greatly appreciate about Vienna is its easy and cheap public transportation system: Vienna’s Busses, Trams and Undergrounds cover virtually every part of the city and the tickets aren’t expensive at all. Since I am still a student I only have to pay 70 Euros (US$ 77)  for the whole year. And as I spend my summer holidays in the UK as well, I know how much I should  appreciate our public transportation systems as I had to spend loads of money on my underground tickets…


  • Safety throughout the city: I honestly have to say that I never feared being involved n a crime or getting robbed on the street as i always felt really safe in my city. A big reason for that might be that there is no Ghetto in Vienna: We do have some districts that have a worse reputation than others but – come on – that’s normal as not every district can only consist of penthouses and castles ;). And if you compare Vienna to Paris, London etc. you will find nothing like the so called Banlieus in France here in Vienna.


  • Environmental conditions: Vienna is not just clean, it also offers one of the best drinking water qualities as the residents are supplied with fresh water from the Austrian alps. On top of it, Vienna’s CO2 values are considered to be very low in comparison with other european cities.


  • Costs of living: Comparing Vienna with other European cities such as Munich, Zürich, Paris etc. the cost of living are relatively low: As I know how many people spend to get an acceptable apartment in Munich, Paris and London, I know how much we can appreciate the fact that living well is still affordable here in Vienna. And those persons can’t afford an apartment will get supported by the state to get an appropriate home for their needs.




  • Medical care:  I don’t want to speak too much about the medical care system in Austria as there is simply too much to say about it but the great thing about Austria is that all residents are automatically  insured against accidents: and the amount of money they have to pay for the basic insurance is calculated relatively to their wage. And this is one reason that makes the medical care system so good: When something happens to you, you don’t have to worry about the costs of the treatment in hospital.


  • Those typical coffee houses: I just love the unique vibes you get to experience in on of those traditional Viennese coffee houses… It does not just feel like traveling back to  those times when people still had enough time to spend the whole morning reading the newspaper while sipping their “Melange” (Viennese coffee), but the unique flair also inspires me every time I am in a Viennese coffee house.


  • The cosiness of the city:  Vienna is not hectic city at all. I have never felt that Vienna would stress me and even during winter time, when places like New York and London are getting crowded and hectic due to the people who are all going on the bigger shopping streets in order to get their presents, Vienna still manages to stay calm. And when I came back from London last summer, it was the first time that I actually noticed how calm this city actually is….


  • Green areas: Vienna offers lots of parks and green spots to calm down and relax. On top of that, Vienna is surrounded by beautiful  forests and in the middle of the city, there is a huge park called “Hauptallee” (some kind of the Viennese central park I guess haha ) So if you just want to get some fresh air and stroll through the woods to get you mind free from all the stress, you can easily do that and this is a factor that makes Vienna that special compared to other cities.



[qode_google_map custom_map_style=”false” google_maps_scroll_wheel=”false” address1=”Hauptallee, Wien”]


  • Recreational offers: Vienna has it all: coffee houses, great restaurants, clubs, our famous theaters and of course loads of sport facilities: And during summertime, you can swim in the lovely “Alte Donau” which is located 10 minutes away from the city center by using the U1 underground line.

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